After work

We value our staff and are dedicated to employee satisfaction. We regard them as ambassadors who represent our company and convey the unique spirit of SMC. That is why we encourage staff members to join in our after-work activities, which not only strengthen body and mind but also build team spirit and above all are fun for everyone.

We are passionate about sports and exercise and consider them ideal ways to improve performance and assess potential outside of everyday business life. Staying in shape gives us a competitive advantage both physically and mentally. Our own health and that of our staff constitute key company values for us as well as for our clients. Thus, you benefit from our endurance, energy and commitment.

[unitegallery XMAS2020] XMAS Party 2020

Because our employees are important to us, we even in these difficult times found a great way to celebrate an extraordinary Christmas party with our employees. It was an unforgettable evening with lots of games, fun and delicious food which was delivered to everybody’s home in advance.

[unitegallery BA2016_2018] Company excursion Munich 2019

We had a great weekend in Munich, including delicious Bavarian food, tasty Bavarian beer and perfect weather.

[unitegallery JP2018_2017] JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2019

As every year, SMC was part of the JP Morgan Run supporting the good cause with our team spirit.

In short: “We offer our employees both opportunities and challenges.
First and foremost, it is our clients who benefit when our staff are able to do their best, not only SMC.”

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